The Dinner Table Project

A program for families to eat together, have fun, and grow closer through conversation.



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Welcome back to school!

Top 5 study tips for your student


1. Track more than homework in your school planner. Include special events and doctors appointments! This will help you plan ahead.

2. Get into a routine. Routines change depending on each family member's schedule, but make sure homework makes the list every night!

3. Use class time wisely! This will allow for more free time in the afternoon.

4. Study a little every day. This will prevent you from having to cram for a test or rush through an assignment.

5. Create a distraction-free zone at home. No TV or electronics allowed!

Last-minute breakfast ideas


It's hard getting back into the swing of things. Make sure you have these items on hand for a healthy and fillinf breakfast on the go!

  • Protein bar and banana
  • Instant oatmeal and berries
  • Greek yogurt and granola
  • Nut butter toast with fruit
  • Frozen whole-wheat waffles with fruit and peanut butter

About Us

Who We Are

A program to eat together, have fun, and grow closer through conversation.

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What We Care About

Many factors influence a person’s chance of developing a mental and/or substance use disorder. Effective prevention focuses on reducing those risk factors and strengthening protective factors. 

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Games, Recipes, and So Much More!

Family dinner can be healthy and fun! It is also an important time to talk with your kids. Sharing meals together can increase academic performance, self-esteem, and a sense of resilience. 

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